In her dynamic speech, “Love Appears in Whatever Form It Chooses”, Ali Sands explains how all of us experience change in our relationships. Using her story as the partner of a person who transitioned from female to male, Ali is inclusive and relatable, captivating every listener.


Ali & Rhys

A rare glimpse into the intimate story of Ali and Rhys as they navigated the early process of transitioning from female to male. This video was professionally produced and released in order to educate and create allies for the transgender community.


Interview with Ira Wood

Listen as Ira Wood of WOMR gains insight thru interviewing Ali Sands. Recorded in October of 2016, Ali speaks intimately about her experience as her partner transitioned from female to male. Using her memoir, “I Know Who You Are, But What Am I?”, Ali shares her raw experience in her conversation with Ira Wood.