Love appears in whatever form it chooses.
— Ali Sands

Ali Sands is eager to talk. Engaging her experiences as the partner of a person who transitioned from female to male, she has created a forum for public conversations. And people are listening! Ali journaled her reflections in her intriguing and candid memoir, “I Know Who You Are, But What Am I? A Partners Perspective on Transgender Love. Now in its second edition, the book offers readers an intimate view of her personal search for identity in a changing relationship.

Applying her expertise as a featured speaker on the Tedx stage, Ali uses her unique voice to convey her knowledge, humor and vulnerability, creating immediate rapport with

every listener. Through her speaking platform, illuminating identity, Ali creates safe spaces for public listening. With storytelling and education, she expands our understanding of gender and identity, creating allies and unifying communities. When she takes a break from telling people that her husband used to be her girlfriend, Ali relishes in the cleverness of nature and the whimsy of creativity.  

Journaling her own experience as her partner transitioned from female to male, Ali discovered her own identity.  A mentor, educator, writer and public speaker in the LGBTQ community, Ali strongly believes that love appears in whatever form it chooses.

Taken out of context, I must seem so strange.
— Ani DiFranco